Sunday 10 October 2010

The Heatwave present '25 Years Of Dancehall' (2010)

For the reggae heads, courtesy of London's Heatwave crew


"Tuesday 23rd February 2010 marked the 25th anniversary of the day that Wayne Smith's Under Me Sleng Teng was first played in a dance.

To celebrate the 25th birthday of digital dancehall we looked back over the last quarter century of this brilliant music and had a quick party on our Rinse FM show. It was mad to look at how things have developed over two and a half decades.
The plan was to choose one tune from every year since 1985 while at the same time ensuring that all the key artists from the period were represented. We couldn't quite keep it to only 25 tunes and even then some notable vocalists and very big tunes got left out.
I suppose there's always someone who gets left out at a birthday party. Big up Kiprich, Cecile, TOK, Terry Ganzie, Serani, Spice and all the other artists whose invites got lost in the post"

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