Friday 15 May 2015

Don't Sleep #8
Wan Cee 'Rememberance' (2005)

Thought I'd drop a UK joint for this month's Don't Sleep. This is definitely one of my favourite songs from that era, and probably one of the last UK rap tunes I really loved before that changing of the guard occurred and things switched up when the grime scene took over a for a minute.
I'm a sucker for a throwback joint and this is one of the best - nice soulful beat courtesy of the underrated Fusion, with that Crooklyn Dodgers sample in the chorus and Wan Cee reminiscing on growing up in London in the 80s and 90s. Air Max, Chipie Jeans, Champagne Jungle days.


Video is kinda cool too. Got some burn on Channel U when it dropped but the track never quite got the props it deserved. Possibly because the hood kids were all checking for grime and the backpack crowd were more on that Jehst/Low Life Records tip and didn't tend to take to the more 'road' elements of UK rap because they were mostly middle class white students. Possibly.

If you like this and want to check some more UK rap from the same kind of period check my UK Bubblers mix.

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