Thursday 10 October 2013

Ghetto Jams: Urban Series 12" (1999)

Unofficial mash-up blend remix tings here. I posted the Common Sense one on its own ages ago but as I'm currently ripping a load of vinyl (before I get rid of it) I thought I'd share the rest. There's some decent stuff on here. Jay Z over a Beatnuts instrumental works well, as does 'Holla Holla' over the 'California Love' beat. The R&B joints aren't too bad either but even after all this time Fatman Scoop has rendered that Faith Evans vocal unlistenable to me.


The aforementioned vinyl ripping is partly the reason for the lack of regular updates. I did contemplate stopping the blog completely but I'll try and stay on it for now and see how things pan out. There's always a chance I might come up with some new tapes or unreleased shit for you (although the chances are slim with the way London's 2nd hand record shops are these days).


  1. Hi,can you please re-uploa link,thx! very nice blog.

  2. I don't have this anymore , sorry. Its cheap on Discogs though