Sunday 20 October 2013

Hard Drive Clearout

A few bits that I've found on other sites over the years that you might've missed (and the links are probably dead now anyway), things I ripped and never got round to uploading,  joints that don't really warrant their own post...

 Ice T, King Tee & Bango freestyle (Capital Rap Show 1989)
courtesy of  Irish Craig  (I think)

 Rakim acapella freestyle (early 90s ?)
no info on this and its only about 25 seconds long but still...

Main Source 'Looking At The Front Door' (alternative/demo version)
I think I got this from a few years ago

Big L - Pre Game freestyle (1999)
Lamont over the Sauce Money banger

Children of The Corn - American Dream (alternative version)
this version appeared on a DJ S&S mixtape and features a slightly different Big L verse to the one that appears on the promo 12"

 OC - DJ Camillo freestyle (1998)
Nice OC freestyle off a Camillo mixtape. Pretty sure I got this one from Roy Johnson .


  1. Always comin` with the rarities, much appreciated homie!!!

  2. Nice 1 STEP, yeh, Ice T, King Tee & Bango freestyle (Capital Rap Show 1989) was from myself. Keep yer eyes on the prize over at for more radio action.

  3. Can you reup that Alternate COC song? Any other rare COC songs? they said they recorded around 30 songs but I think only half that number came out on that mixtape