Saturday 26 October 2013

Royal Flush 'Iced Down Medallions'
(DJ Georoc blend - Mike B 2013 Remake)

Dope blend courtesy of Mike B

"DJ Geo Roc's Queens get The Money is one of my all time favorite mixtapes and is where this blend originates. Unfortuantely, it was only ever available on cassette and the sound quality wasn't that great. I think about this particular blend all the time, and it was perfect. However, I decided to remake it, to nearly exactly the same specs as GEOROC's orginal, for home listening and club play. I went as far as finding each 12" and trying to pitch the tracks the same as on the mixtape"



  1. any chance of a re-up? i can't get any link for this jawn to work.

  2. cant actually find it on my hard drive at the moment. As soon as I do I'll re-up it though.