Friday 18 February 2011

Rei Double R & G-Bo The Pro 'Best Of 1992'

Another 'Best Of 92' selection, this time from mixtape legends Rei Double R and G-Bo The Pro. Includes music by Slick Rick, Scarface, Black Sheep, Tim Dog, Ice Cube, Nice N Smooth and a lot more. If you enjoyed the Westwood tape I dropped at the start of the week you'll love this...

These guys aren't aswell known as Doo Wop, Ron G and Kid Capri but definitely made a name for themselves by incorporating a 4-track into the production of their tapes, which gives the mixes and blends an extra edge. That technique was later developed and became the cornerstone of some great tapes by DJs like Dirty Harry, Vlad, Green Lantern and Rectangle.

Thanks to DJ MK for the original tape.

(NB- The file is labelled 'Ray' instead of 'Rei' as thats what was written on the tape. I didnt realise what the correct spelling was til I googled them)

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