Sunday 6 February 2011

Ron G - Flava Beyond Flava Vol 4 (1996)

Obscure 12" time now. Here's 4 blends from mixtape legend Ron G. First up is Mobb Deep over 'The Message' (or Puff & Mase 'Cant Hold Me Down'), followed by a 'jackin for beats' style mix of '1nce Again' using old ATCQ instrumentals. The Buju Banton track is cool but I can't place the beat right now, and finishing things up is Ron's infamous blend of the 'My Melody' instrumental with verses from KRS, Buckshot, Raekwon and Nas.



  1. Any chance you can repost the D/L?

  2. having a few problems logging into blogger at the moment but check back in a few days and I'll try and get this re-upped