Saturday 6 March 2010

Step One presents 'Illegal Remixes Vol 2'

The first volume of unofficial remixes that I dropped back in January proved quite popular so I've teamed up with the peoples over at TROY to bring you Volume 2.

There’s a good variety of flavours on this one, ranging from straight-up Hip Hop on the Meth, Xzibit and Mobb Deep tracks, to the reggae re-rubs of the Jungle Brothers and Fugees joints. The West Coast is represented on the ‘West Up!’ remix and the ATL gets a look in with 2 Outkast joints. As with the first set, some of these are ripped from vinyl, others have been posted on blogs and forums.



  1. Good shit, Step One. Especially liking the Xzibit and Meth jawns. Nice work. Thanks.

  2. big as ever DJ !! peace domski