Sunday 28 March 2010

Doo Wop, Akinyele, Fat Joe, Lord Tariq & Pretty Boy Floyd 'Gotta Go Down' (1995)

OK, so I didn't just drop a 4 figure sum on the Hip Hop collector's Holy Grail, but £3 did just get me a bootleg 12" that includes the b-side which did the rounds on the mixtapes back in the day...


  1. Think I got this off 95 live but it would be nice to hear it without some of the DJ chatter. thanks

  2. Yeah, I had this probably off a Bobbito tape or somewhere. Thanks. No "No Exit 2"? Whats the other side?

  3. unfortunately the flipside of my bootleg is just the Guru, MOP and Raekwon freestyles from '95 Live'.