Thursday, 14 January 2010

Step One presents 'Illegal Remixes Vol 1'

Here's an (unmixed) compilation that I put together for the T.R.O.Y blog. Its a selection of unofficial remixes, some taken from bootleg 12"s released back in the day, and others that I've found on various blogs and forums over the last few years.


2Pac ‘Old School’ (DJ B.Cause remix)
Big Daddy Kane ‘Set It Off’ (Daily Diggers remix)
Big Pun & Fat Joe ‘Twinz’ (Brooklyn Untouched remix)
Common ‘I Used To Love Her’ (Sir Charles remix)
D&D All Stars '1,2 Pass It' (DJ Fashion remix)
Erick Sermon 'Bomdigi' (Street Jams remix)
Fat Joe & Doo Wop 'Boriquas On The Set' (DJ Dough & Porge One remix)
Method Man & Redman ‘How High’ (white label remix)
Mobb Deep 'Hell On Earth' (Paul Miles remix)
Nas 'It Aint Hard To Tell' (DJ Day remix)
Pharcyde 'Passin Me By' (Jazzy Jim remix)
Tim Dog & KRS One 'I Get Wrecked' (Gamm Samoo remix)
Uptown 'Dope On Plastic' (DJ B.Cause blend)

If you're into this let us know and I'll see if I can sort out a second volume.
Shout out to dirt_dog for hooking up the artwork and adding the Pharcyde remix.

(Notice how I havent used the phrase 'mash-up' once!)


  1. This is such a great compilation. Thanks for putting it together and sharing.

  2. Hell yeah... keep it comin'

  3. safe as fuck as always step one...pz dom

  4. Now that's what I'm talking bout!


  5. Can you upload again. Thanks

  6. i dont have the folder with all these together anymore. Might take a minute to gather them all up again but I'll see what I can do.

  7. I'll be so glad if you can reupload the link. Actualy am looking for a particular song from this comp " Erick sermon - bomdigi (Street Jams remix) "

  8. here's the Erick Sermon remix

  9. @step one, I dunno what to say. Daaaaamn you good. Thank you very much bro. You made my day :)