Thursday 4 March 2010

DJ Camilo & Spin One 'Underground Funk'

Fat tape of late 90s indie/undergound tracks, mixed up by NYC's DJ Camilo and Spin One. 

Tracklist is in the comment section. Original tape courtesy of Mr Lawson


  1. Side A - Intro
    High Tech ‘The Music’
    Kardinal Offishall, Choclair & Thrust ‘Northern Touch’
    Hurricane ‘Wutever’
    Jay Z ‘Friend Or Foe 98’
    All City ‘Basic Training’
    RA The Rugged Man ft 8 Off ‘Till My Heart Stops’
    Gab Gotcha ‘On The Job’
    DITC ‘5 Fingas Of Death’
    Black Attack ft Problemz ‘Correct Technique’
    OC ‘Your Life’
    EZD ‘Gunz Is 4’
    Alkaholiks ‘Killing It’
    IG Off & Hazardous ‘Street Serenade’
    Common ‘Invocation’
    Lordz Of Brooklyn ft OC ‘Grave Send’
    Scienz Of Life ‘Power Of Nine Ether’
    Scienz Of Life ‘The Anthem’
    L Fudge ‘What If’

    Side B – Intro
    Shabazz The Disciple ‘Hip Hop Casino’
    Alkaholiks ‘All Night’
    IG Off & Hazardous ‘Hip Hop Til I Die’
    Rawcotiks ‘Magic Chef’
    Ak Skills ‘One Thing Or Another’
    Rakim ‘Saga Begins’
    Obscure Disorder ‘Lyrically Exposed’
    Beatnuts ‘Bless The Mic’
    X Men ‘Word Play’
    High & Mighty ‘Open Mic Night’
    Defari ‘Peoples Choice’
    Organized Konfusion ‘Chuck Cheese’
    Gab Gotcha ‘Angels’
    Common ‘Invocation’
    Godfather Don ‘On The Other Side’
    Company Flow ‘Lune Tns’
    Arsonists ‘Blaze’
    Rhettmatic & Babu ‘He’s The Drummer, Im The Scratcher’

  2. I need that tape!!!! Still got the cassette...was just blastin it this morning.
    The link does not work for me! Can u up it again?

  3. link seems to be ok. give it another and give me a shout if its still not working

  4. Did not work with my Firefox browser...but Safari did! Thx. Keep doin ur thing!

  5. I want you guys to Mix my mixtape the way this was put together was ill What you saying?? How can we make this happen? 2nd part not working though on link? Ive been searching for this for years!

  6. One of the best Tapes ever! Played it to death, but it still lives.