Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Wojavelli - The Best Of Eightball

I get the impression that Eightball is one of those artists revered by those that know about Southern hip hop but perhaps those not as familiar with that pocket of the genre aren't really up on him at all*. He has a huge catalogue of music that stretches back to 1993, as part of the duo Eightball & MJG so there's plenty to investigate if you enjoy this, which has been put together by Wojavelli.

Special mention to the fantastic artwork. This mix might've escaped my attention if that hadn't caught my eye this morning.

Seems like as time goes on and people have exhausted their initial sub-genres of choice they're increasingly branching out to try artists and regions they'd slept on or hadn't been exposed to in the past, which can only be a good thing. It only gets annoying when they suddenly disown their past and try to pretend they'd always been huge Three 6 Mafia fans and definitely didn't spend the late 90s exclusively bumping Soundbombing and Lyricist Lounge and making fun of No Limit album covers.

*I'm definitely lacking in Eightball knowledge although he has featured on this site once before.

Always up for posting your mixes. Keep in mind the nature of the site so at the moment I'd say anything after 2004-05 is generally a no-go (there's plenty of other places your Drake vs Griselda mixtape can be seen). Good quality and preferably some type of artwork is nice. Don't get mad if I don't post it.


  1. Eightball in his prime held his own with the likes of Redman, DMX, Mcgruff, Bun B, & Spice 1.

  2. 8 ball was so underrated, personally i think he's up there as one of the top 6 rappers of the 90s, love his voice, his flow, and his lyrics are tight.

  3. Nice!! I don't comment that often on your blog but I'm gonna chime in on this one.

    Bit of background, Nick "Wojavelli" is the drummer in Cold World, one of the best US Hardcore bands of the 2000s.

    Their has a mix of influences from all over, rap being one oof the main ones, they got skits/intros with Max B and Jim Jones and songs with Kool G Rap or Sean Price, like this one right here:

    Mr StepOne, I'm sure you would enjoy Ball & G 90's catalog, the rapping is top notch and so is the music. On Top Of The World is a desert island disc for me. You could either start with Coming Out Hard and make your way up, or just start with this one. Their solos album are also must-listens.

    I also enjoy their later-era, the 2 albums they did with Bad Boy South have a couple lesser joints but it's still very good for the most part. I read somewhere that Diddy was a big fan of them for a long time, and really wanted them to start the label.

  4. thanks man. Southern rap wasn't widely available in the UK in the 90s for the most part, and the import CDs were crazy prices so combined with rap radio being 90% focused on NYC most of us didn't get any exposure to it.