Sunday, 23 February 2020

Westwood live from Notting Hill Carnival '96
with Heltah Skeltah, Lost Boyz, Blak Twang, Foxy Brown & Montell Jordan

Following on from the tape of Carnival '95 I posted a few weeks ago, here's the recording of the 1996 broadcast, which I think takes in Sunday and Monday's performances. If I recall correctly, it was broadcast on Monday evening, and the swears are edited so it's not live and direct from the Westway. Westwood and Goldfinger hold down the selection with live performances by Heltah Skeltah, Lost Boyz, Blak Twang, Foxy Brown (who had no solo records at this point but was killing every feature) and Montell Jordan.
I've posted parts of this before but it's always better to have the whole thing uninterrupted. Highlights include Foxy having to back track when the crowd starts booing after her hypeman disses 2Pac and Jeru, a ruck kicking off during Montell's set ("they too busy fightin over there") and the whistle & horn posse greeting each banger with the appropriate response. 4th Chamber goes off. A GZA b-side. Your favourite Soundcloud rapper could never.

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