Sunday 6 October 2019

DJ Scian Smooth - Trunk Of Treats 2 (1996)

I'm a bit short on tapes to rip right now so I've been perusing the blogs and forums of years gone by to see what download links are still live, and I found a few treats. Firstly shout out to Mediafire; we may have had our differences in the past but if you can host a link for 10 years then respect is due. Unfortunately about 90% of uploads I found were using other hosting sites and as a result are now lost in the ether.
While I sort through my various finds here's something mixtape blogspot don (and Mediafire user) Grime & Lime posted over 5 year ago. Tapes from '96 are my fall back option when I'm not sure what to listen to so this one did the job nicely.


[if you've been thinking that you should get in touch ahout sending me some tapes to rip but never get around to it now would be a good time]

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