Friday 27 September 2019

DJ Triple C mixtape (1992)

First thing to say about this is the quality isn't the best, although once again it's been improved by the Random Rap Radio Remastering Service. It's got that slightly muddy and distorted feel in places that definitely gives off that whole 'rumbling out of a boom box in Camden Market on a Saturday afternoon' feeling from way back in the day.
If it was your standard tape from say, '95 (you know the ones with Wu, Biggie, Nas, Mobb etc) I probably wouldn't have posted it but it's from '92, when the scene wasn't as saturated, and it's also by Triple C who isn't a DJ you come across too often. More importantly it contains some Unreleased Heat ™. At the start of side 2 Triple C announces he's just been in the studio with Lord Tariq, Minnesota and DJ Scratch and then drops the exclusive. There's also someone rhyming on the track by the name of Pete Lova which we can safely assume is Peter Gunz. Now Deja Vu is still 5 years off at this point but Tariq and Gunz would end up releasing a couple of singles as part of Gunrunners (**obscure + expensive indie vinyl claxon**) before Minnesota and Tariq found some success with Money Boss Players, so this demo track is very much the foundation of that whole crew. If you don't have time to check the whole tape I posted the song on Soundcloud.

The rest of the tape is solid. Of course it is, it's 1992...


Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Straighten It Out
Kenny Dope - Axxis
Fu-Schnickens - True Fu-Schnick
Wreckx N Effect - Rump Shaker
Mary J Blige - Real Love (remix)
Grand Puba - 360 (What Goes Around) (remix)
A TEEM - Yeah
House Of Pain - Jump Around (Pete Rock remix)
Redman - Blow Your Mind
EPMD - Cummin Atcha
LOTUG - Psycho (instrumental)
Diamond D - Freestyle (Yo Thats That Shit)
MC Serch - Back To The Grill Again
Triple C, Lord Tariq, Pete Lova & Minnesota - unreleased track
Take 6 - Spread Love (45 King remix)
Yo Yo - Black Pearl
Mary J Blige - Reminisce
Gang Starr - BYS
EPMD - Nobodys Safe Chump
Diamond D - Best Kept Secret
A Tribe Called Quest - Hot Sex
Zhigge - Born Black
LOTUG - Check It
Das EFX - Straight Out The Sewer
EPMD - Can't Hear Nothin But The Music
Eric B & Rakim - What's Going On
Prince Ikey C - Smoked We Out

The discovery of this was made all the more satisfying by it turning up unannounced on a cassette that was labelled as a Radio 1 Rap Show from '99 (cheers G&L!)

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