Wednesday 30 October 2019

Stretch & Bobbito on WKCR (02.09.95)

The 'Wild Pitch extravaganza' show, with MC Serch & DJ Eclipse in the studio showcasing Wild Pitch's new roster. Foul Play, Total Pack and Jesse West are all in the building to play their forthcoming releases and kick a freestyle. OC also puts in an appearance and as you would expect he stands out from his label mates by some distance. Unfortunately 3 months later - the 8th May to be precise - Serch would be on Wildman Steve's WBAU show announcing that Wild Pitch was no more and that the label closed that day. Foul Play and Total Pack would be shelved, their material confined to Eclipse's Wild Pitch Blends mixtape (although the Foul Play demos eventually got the ltd edition vinyl treatment). Jesse West released Put Your Boots On 2 years later but never really made the most of his early association with Puff & Biggie.Obviously OC went on to do well for himself and make his mark.

The full tracklist for this show is online so it must've been uploaded before but I just found a tape of it in a stack of unmarked cassettes that Random Rap Radio donated to me so big up Craig for this one.

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