Saturday 21 September 2019

Chubby Chub mixtape (1994)

Chubby Chub doesn't tend to get mentioned in the same breath as the likes of Doo Wop or Ron G, and his tapes aren't exactly all over the net, but they have become quite sought after in recent years. This is mainly because a few of them contain some early Jay Z material which still remains unreleased. Chub was rolling with Original Flavour back in the day so he was around Jay and was probably the first mixtape DJ supporting him. This tape has the first version of a demo cut called In The Park, which is pretty short but still of interest given that it seems everything he's had a hand in has been online by now.
On a less multi-billionaire rapper tip, there's also a Buckwild remix of Don't Stress Me by Grand Daddy IU and as far as I can tell that never came out either. Being that it's from (mid?) 1994 the rest of the tape is just splendid...

Chubby Chub - Intro
Big Daddy Kane - In The PJs
MC Eiht - All For The Money
Jay Z - In The Park (first version)
Nice & Smooth ft Slick Rick - Lets All Get Down
A Tribe Called Quest ft Busta Rhymes - One, Two, Shit
Nas - Represent
Grand Daddy IU - Don't Stress Me (Buckwild remix)
Kurious ft Sadat X & Mike G - A Mansion And A Yacht
Jeru The Damaja - My Mind Spray
Artifacts - C'mon Wit Da Get Down
Shyheim  - Pass It Off
Notorious BIG & Sadat X - Come On
OC - Times Up
Mic Geronimo - Shits Real
Jay Z - I Cant Get Wit That
A Tribe Called Quest ft Know Naim - Oh My God (remix)
Nas - The World Is Yours (Q Tip remix)
DaBrat - Funkdafied
Big Daddy Kane - Daddys Home
unknown - party break
Nice & Smooth - Return Of The Hip Hop Freaks
Beastie Boys ft Q Tip - Get It Together
Rayvon - No Guns No Murder
Mad Lion - Take It Easy
Terminator X ft Joe Sinistr - Under The Sun
Wu Tang Clan - Ain't Nuthin Ta Fuck Wit
Champ MC - Keep It Real (Pete Rock remix)
unknown - unknown
Lady of Rage - Afro Puffs
Public Enemy - Give It Up

Thanks to DJ Yoda for the cassette, and shout out to Random Rap Radio for remastering my rip and improving the quality. Not entirely sure on the title for this one. The tape itself just had 7-1 written on it.


  1. Intro features T-Strong aka Tone Hooker of Original Flavor, track before Afro Puffs is Kid Capri (Freestyle?)

  2. yeah I spotted that name on the intro. Wasn't sure who the other voice was though

  3. It's just titled Chubby Chub - 7/1/94 I guess. Nice find 👍

    1. ah, ok cool. That would be July 94 in US date so makes sense with the stuff on here. How did you find that out?

  4. Loads of 'early' mixtapes just use a date as the title. I'm just assuming the title is 7/1/94 since it's got 7-1 written on it, and you've dated it to 94. 🤷. I've got more tapes of his on my site, but there's only one Jay Z exclusive on them iirc

    1. Gotcha. He replied to me on twitter and said he'd check his master copy for the name of the tape but reckon you're probably right.

    2. Master copies? Feckers been holding out on me! 😎🕵️👀

  5. Dope post thanks Step! Unknown joint at end of the tape I believe is Kid Capri's verse on Grand Daddy I.U.'s "Blast A New Asshole"