Tuesday 7 March 2017

Radio 1 Rap Show 12.11.99 with JT Money

As far as 90s shows went, it was kind of unusual for Tim to have guests from outside of the East Coast. Off the back of the success of No Limit and Cash Money in the US, other rappers from the South started getting some attention and depending on who they signed with, had the opportunity to venture overseas to do a bit of promo work. I'm guessing that when JT Money inked his deal he didn't envisage rocking Huddersfield Uni but apparently this actually happened, although I'm told his London gig didn't so without eye witnesses who knows. Either way, he's up at the Beeb for this show and Tim is pretty amped (about 8/10 I'd say). I lost track of the amount of times he says "dirty south" but it's a lot. Part two has a lengthy Noreaga freestyle (taken from a previous show) and JT's DJ gets in the mix towards the end.


  1. This show sent me searching for the Who Dat? 12" but I couldn't find it up north for love nor money.

  2. I had it on a 4 track LP sampler on gold vinyl. I don't remember the track being as big as Westwood makes out it was though!

  3. You jammy git.

    Late '99 was the era when I started gettin' into non-Rap-A-Lot southern shit via songs like Who Dat?, It Ain't My Fault, and Juvenile's U Understand. Westwood was playing them and the videos were in steady rotation on MTV Base.

    1. same with me but I couldn't find much of it on vinyl over here and the import CDs in HMV were silly money so I just played certain songs that I'd taped off the radio.