Saturday 4 March 2017

Guru interview on KXCI 91.3 FM (1997)

Interesting one this. Guru being interviewed over the phone on a small community station out in Tuscon, Arizona. You Know My Steez had just come out and Moment Of Truth was being finished up for release in March '98. He mentions that they were trying to get Busta Rhymes on the remix for Steez but ended up going with Kurupt (probably for the better imo). He also offers up an acapella rhyme but unfortunately the dude in the studio leaves a beat playing so it ends up sounding a bit off due to the time delay on the phone and what have you.

The latest additions to the Westwood Archives mixcloud have just gone up:

Radio 1 Rap Show 10.04.99 with Busta Rhymes

Mixmasters Weekend 11.01.97 with One Step Ahead & DJ Casualty

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