Thursday 9 March 2017

March 9th and all that

Here's the full version of Biggie's 'Real Niggaz Do Real Things' (aka "the one over all the west coast beats") which was all over the mixtapes back in '95 but for some reason rarely found in the full version you've got here. As you'd expect it appeared on a ton of bootleg 12"s but usually in parts 1, 2 and 3. All a bit strange. Anyway, this Crib Underground 12" has the best quality full length version that I'm aware of and it includes the DJ Jam interlude and everything...

His Bigness drops some classic verses over Deep Cover, G Thang, Murder Was The Case remix, Black Superman and Gin & Juice. He even shouts out Death Row at the end. Probably one of my favourite Biggie tracks.
Side note: I recently watched The People vs OJ Simpson and the use of Black Superman for Johnny Cochran to walk into the courtroom was fantastic.


  1. To paraphrase Gucci Condoms, there's 3 things a man needs:

    A personal tailor
    A personal trainer
    A personal entrance theme

  2. that scene alone bodied every 4 elementz Netflix documentary

    "Crime fighting's what I do..."

    attention to detail like a MF

  3. cheers for the BIG.

    Did you see OJ Made in America? It's long and profound and worth every minute

  4. Started it but the 3 hour episodes were a bit much for me tbh