Friday 19 August 2016

Its Overture presents The Hot 97 Tapes: Summer Of '96 Mix

Big up RiVerse of DJ duo Its Overture for giving me the heads up on their new mix. I don't sent too many things that are 100% appropriate for this blog but this one ticks all the boxes...

"An unauthorized fever dream remixing memories of Hot 97 in the summer of 1996." 


This is a really original and creative with its use of drops and recordings from Hot 97 as part of the mix. Highly recommended.If you enjoy it make sure you check their Large Professor tribute mix too.

1 comment:

  1. wanted to thank you for the heads up on this. i hated hot 97 big time really starting in 96, mostly because they played Aint no Nigga literally over 20 times a day along with a barrage of very crappy blingy tunes they were payola'ed to play while there was plenty of other good rap music being made at the time. funk flex played joints though and there was a couple of other djs here and there late night but i stayed away because there was so many quality college shows still tearing it up. So this project by Overture was actually pretty eye opening for me and dope as hell. Its nice they found what sounds like every good part of that station that summer. very good