Monday 8 August 2016

Action Pac - Die Hard Artillary: Year In Review

This another one passed to me by the ever generous Grime & Lime, after I posted up this Diehard Records release a few months ago. The tape (from 97 or 98 I think) is a Diehard label showcase put together by mixtape vet Action Pac, and includes a bunch of joints that despite some recognisable names - and even more recognisable samples - mostly stayed under the radar...

I'm only really familiar with a couple of the Genovese joints and the dope 'The Block Hot' featuring Lord Tariq. I haven't really given this a thorough listen yet but I'd been meaning to post it for ages and has already misplaced the file once so didn't want to delay it any longer.


  1. Just stumbled on this while checking out some Genovese and Richie Thumbs stuff.

    A re-up would be highly appreciated! Somehow missed this post last year...

  2. no probs man, new link now up

  3. Thanks a lot man!