Saturday, 5 December 2015

Don't Sleep #10
Co-Defendants ft Rob Base 'Get Cha Weight Up' (1993)

The 10th installment of Don't Sleep is something that I first heard on a Red Alert tape in late 1993, and ended up being one of the first import 12"s to find its way into my collection. On a 90 minute TDK that was heavy on the Hoodie & Timbs, East Coast stomp style that was the flavour of the month (Das EFX, Onyx, LONS, Jeru, Wu Tang etc) this track really stood out as something different. A lazy blunted flow that wouldnt have sounded out of place on a West Coast/G Funk beat and a random cameo by none other than Rob Base have made this one a personal favourite over the years...


  1. I remember hearing this on a mixtape years ago and never knowing who made the song. Thanks for helping put a name to a dope song.

  2. Is it too late to get a remix of this featuring Smooth B and Snaggapuss?

  3. yeah, Snaggapuss is definitely the first person that comes to mind when you hear this dude. Surprised this didnt blow up a bit more tbh