Saturday, 12 December 2015

DJ Step One - So 90s Volume 2

I always seem to end up doing one of these mixes around this time of year. Mid 90s East Coast rap suits the winter time nicely so being off work yesterday I pulled out some vinyl and got busy. Here's 56 minutes of tracks from 95-96...

Fat Fluids - Hands Up
Mobb Deep ft Method Man - Extortion
Masta Ace Inc - Top Ten List
Jay Z - D'Evils
Camouflage Large - Cocbacda 9
Jemini The Gifted One - 50 MCs In A Cipher
Onyx - Last Dayz (instrumental)
La The Darkman ft Raekwon - As The World Turns
Mic Geronimo ft OC & Royal Flush - Men vs Many
Jeru The Damaja - Black Cowboys
MOP - Raise Hell
KRS One - Rappaz R N Dainja (instrumental)
Jungle Brothers - The Jungle, The Brother
Lord Finesse - Flip Da Style
Royal Flush - Rotten Apple
Raekwon - Knowledge God
Jamal - Fades Em All
Biz Markie - Studda Step (instrumental)
Ill Al Skratch ft MOP, Nice & Smooth & Nine - Dr Feelgood

You can find So 90s Volume 1 here

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