Thursday 24 December 2015

Champs n ting

As this blog is 99% old music I don't tend to indulge in end of year lists and 'best of's, but as Kano's 'Garage Skank Freestyle' has rendered everything else obsolete for the last 2 months it's only right I give it some shine and name it my tune of the year (in a year where new songs I absolutely loved seemed to be in short supply). Its not one for the Purists but when have they ever been any fun?


Save for a couple of tracks here and there I never really liked any early Grime - the MCing and production was a bit too raw (a nice way of saying it was terrible) but Kano stood out as someone who was a notch above the rest of the Channel U goons and could cut it with "proper" rappers. My mate had text me a link to Garage Skank and it was few days before I got round to checking it while I was stuck in traffic. The cut-n-paste style video was cool but it was Dot Rotten's beat that immediately got me. Chipmunk Soul might be my favourite rap sub-genre so something that sounded like a UK version of an early Just Blaze/State Property album deep cut was right up my street. If this was 2004 Kano could throw Twista on the remix and have a US hit in the bag.

"Your girls pum pum stinks like the A13 Beckton exit" >>> that whole Drake vs Meek Mill nonsense.

Happy Christmas.


  1. Even Lethal Bizzle made a good song in 2015!

    Best year of Brits trying to rap ever.

  2. really - link? he's managed to hold together a career with 2 legit hits in 10-15 years with just a few Soccer AM cameos and a twitter account. Quite impressive really.

  3. feel like I mightve heard that before actually.
    Dude is like the Biz Markie of the grime scene.

  4. It was used in a bunch of adverts, most notably the BT Sports one for the Champion's League with Gerrard, Bale, Ribery etc.

  5. fell off since leaving N.A.S.T.Y!

    but then it's 2015 and grime has been shit for at least a decade I think....