Friday, 31 October 2014

Sickamore 'Watch Me Do Me' (2003)

NYC, August 2003. I'm walking back to my hotel when I hear some music playing. Looking over I realise I've finally found somewhere selling mixtapes. It's a tiny hole in the wall spot, and as I get closer I hear what sounds like 2Pac rapping over an updated version of 'My Melody'. I ask what's playing and get handed this CD. The track starts again and I hear "Pac" dissing Ja Rule, Murder Inc (but they weren't around when he was alive, I hear you cry) and Jay Z. Weird as fuck but it sounds great, and better than any other official posthumous 2Pac tracks. The rest of the tracklist looks pretty solid so it's purchased...

Once you get past the bizarre opener, you also get some Dipset, G Unit, Jay Z, Snoop and State Property. There's also Cam'ron & DMX 'Pull It 2003', which I don't think ever came out ,Cuban Link dissing Kay Slay on 'Hit Em Up 2'  and, erm, Smoothe Da Hustler rapping over Crazy In Love.


  1. Old school hip hop is STILL where it's at.. This is HISTORY !!! for my Niggaz & Niggetz respect....