Tuesday, 28 October 2014

DJ Wreck - Keepin It Gutter part one (2002)

There's a few personal favourites on this CD by DJ Wreck out of Philly. This was the first place I heard Cam's 'Come Home With Me' and R Kelly's 'Shorty' (the version here doesn't have the Jay Z verse that would appear on the Best Of Both Worlds album). 'My Life' by Styles P got a lot of play when it dropped too, along with Jay's 'Show You' and the original version of 'Murda Murda'


Tracks 22-24 listed on the cover aren't actually included so you'll have to make do without those Drag-On and Jae Hood freestyles. Also, the Royce & Twista song is split into seperate tracks for each verse (which will probably please The Martorialist )

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