Thursday, 2 October 2014

Rap Thangs That Shoulda Done Happened #5

The return of the wildly irregular feature where I get my Armchair A&R on and do my best to correct Rap's wrongs and come with the ill hypothetical behavior. I've always liked the idea of learning to make beats but I never really had the time or patience and I'm 36 now so it's probably never going to happen. In this edition, I offer up ideas I've had for songs that rappers and producers are welcome to take and run with. If you want to give the blog a shout out on the track that'd be nice. 

Rappers in search of some chunky sample based beats could do a lot worse than bring Rich Harrison in from the cold. Dude had a great run in the mid 00s but seems to have dropped off the radar somewhat. Probably still spending that 'Crazy In Love' money.

A UK rapper (preferably one of the ones I like) needs to sample the "rap with a British accent" line off Ghostface's 'We Made It'. Its begging to be used. Loop that up like Swizz Beatz was doing with all those Jay Z vocals 10 years ago and you're golden. 

Someone needs to make a track using the piano from Ray Keith's iconic jungle track 'Terrorist' (yes, I know he sampled it from 'Nightporter' by Japan). Sample the bassline as well if you're feeling brave. Get the drums right and you've got a classic on your hands. You're welcome.

I need to hear someone (specifically AZ, or maybe Jadakiss) rapping over 'Change Of Heart' and/or 'Lets Go Together'. Don't sleep on Change.

After MOP did a sterling job bringing Tears For Fears back earlier this year, there's no reason that someone can't banish the memory of 'Rule' by Nas and flip that same sample. I nominate Cam'ron, NORE or some new jack out of Cali or the Bay Area.


  1. I need to stop forgetting 187 when talking about 2014 NY rap songs that aren't an embarrassment.

    Good Kisser by Usher from earlier this year kinda had an air of vintage Rich Harrison about it.

  2. Thought I might have got bored of the MOP track but still enjoying a few months later. Glad it got a video.
    Was suprised at that Usher song when it came out. Quite adventurous for someone like him.