Sunday 15 July 2012

OB4ZL presents: The Tony Starks Collection

There's alot of Ghostface Killah material from the early/mid 00s that didn't make it onto Bulletproof Wallets and The Pretty Toney Album. Some appeared by way of mixtapes and 12" singles but this was back when some things that dropped on vinyl didnt always find their way onto the internet, at least not without Kay Slay or Clue shouting all over it. With that in mind, I've hooked up this compilation of GFK joints for you. A few of these got full releases, but you might have missed them, and others were only available 12"s of questionable origin...



1 - The Watch ft Raekwon
One of my favourite GFK joints, utilising the same Barry White sample that Nas used on 'No Ideas Original'
2 - Cherchez La Ghost (Heartbeat remix) ft U-God
The idea of U-God on a certified club hit still seems strange now but it definitely happened. This remix (unreleased as far as I'm aware) flips Taana Gardner's classic 'Heartbeat' to nice effect.
3 - Good Times part II
I posted this up a few months back when I picked up the bootleg 12". A different take on the more well known version, with no Raekwon and a slighty different (better) beat.
4 - Live From The PJs w/ The X-Ecutioners, Trife & Black Thought
From the DJ crew's 2nd LP, going for that live park jam feel. A precursor of sorts to 'In The Park' (which also featured Black Thought) off the 'Apollo Kids' album.
5 - Face Off w/ Scarface
Collabs like these dont always add up to the sum of their parts. Especially when they're being donated to a third party. This track from Kay Slay's 2nd album is one of the exceptions to the rule. Very dope.
6 - Pretty Tony Shoulda...
The De La Soul dis track. Essentially the verse from 'He Comes' off De La's 'The Grind Date' album, but with some added beef.
7 - Guerilla Hood
I love this track. It was the standout on the patchy Theodore Unit album from 2004. Still sounds strange hearing it without Kay Slay yelling over it though.
8 - Mighty Healthy (DJ Step One blend)
Using the instrumental from Pete Rock's 'We Roll'. Ghost fits nicely over the Kool & The Gang loop. One of my favourite blends
9 - No, No, No
This was one was 12" only as far I remember. Ghost over Dawn Penn's reggae hit. I frequently used to throw this on alongside shit like Sean Paul and Kevin Lyttle when I was DJing Top 40/R&B nights way back when.
10 - Smith Brothers ft Trife
According to Discogs the Theodore Unit album only has the clean mix of this so here's the dirty version.
11 - Kay Slay freestyle ft Trife
Another one I posted up some time ago, as part of my Kay Slay freestyles compilation. Ghost & Trife go in over EPMD's 'You're A Customer'.
12 - The Drummer ft Method Man, Trife & Street Life
13 - Got Gats ft Solomon Childs & Killer Bamz
I'd ripped these off 12" and already uploaded this comp when I realised they're also on the Theodore Unit CD. I thought I'd leave em in as they're solid enough and I cant imagine many people bump '718' on the regular.
14 - Set It Off
Also off the afore mentioned vinyl. This is Ghost & Trife over the instrumental from one of Big Daddy Kane's finest moments.
15 - Run ft Jadakiss & Comp
This is the version which includes the additional third verse by Comp (who was on Def Jam at the time). I've been asked for it a few times as it seems it was only on the UK promo of 'Tush'.