Tuesday 24 July 2012

All I Need (aka unreleased & unobtainable 90s heat)

The JS-1 mix that dropped today pre-empted a post I've been meaning to do for a while. With the advent of blogs, youtube, forums and Discogs it's been alot easier than it used to be to get hold of rare/unreleased music. However, there's still a handful of tracks that only seem to exist by way of tape rips, or with DJ tags on them. Here's the ones I'm looking for (ideally full versions in CDQ, but I'd settle for just better quality than what I've got)

Charlie 'C-Boogie' Brown 'Whatcha Gonna Do For Me' (1995)
This uses the same beat as Craig Mack's 'Makin Moves With Puff' which makes me wonder if thats why it never came out. I heard Westwood play it once. One of the good folk at the TROY forum hooked me u with this tape rip a few years ago. There's no mention of it online as far as I can tell (unless its actually called something else).

Dogg Pound 'Niggaz Dont Give A Fuck' remix (1993/94)
Extremely dope remix, heard once on Westwood's show and later resurfaced on Rare Dave's infamous mixtape. I'd guess sample problems might have got this one shelved. It would've sounded right at home on 'Doggystyle' or the 'Above The Rim' soundtrack though. UPDATE 26/07: turns out this version is actually pretty good quality. I forgot I had it and thought I was uploading the tape rip

Big Kap & Rev Run 'Yaknowhumsayin' (1999)
No idea what the correct title is but it sounds like it should've dropped on AV8 or Buds. Kap and Run do a call and response party joint over the same sample Jazzy Jeff used on Brand New Funk. Again, this was heard on Westwood. Once.

Freddie Foxx, Tragedy, Cool Whip, Raekwon & Havoc 'Lets Be Specific' (1996)

A bit of an anomally in this list as its available on the first Funkmaster Flex '60 Minutes Of Funk' mixtape, but I'm obviously after the full version. I'm reliably informed its on a Crib Underground 12", although unfortunately its not listed on Discogs.

So there it is. Any artists, label execs or people in the know that have more info on any of these or, better yet, can actually hook me up with a copy (MP3 or otherwise) get in touch!


  1. Forgot about that Dogg Pound joint.

    Speaking of tracks that only got played on Westwood, he played an AMAZING Freeway song between the release of the first State Prop album and Freeway's debut that I've never been able to track down or heard anywhere else. It's not on any of the promo Roc 12"s and it's not on the Lost Files State Prop mixtape.

  2. Sounds like the kind of thing thats prob on a Clue CD somewhere. Any info on chorus/poss title etc?

  3. I have many to add to your list... ca$h money click f/jay-z "if it's on"... big daddy kane "sing my song", ma$e "drug wars"... the vaults of westwood and clue must be insane

  4. Alas, no, Step. I was around at someone's house when I heard it so I couldn't even tape it. All I remember is that it was mid-paced (sounded like a Bink or Just Blaze beat) and was dope as fuck.