Thursday 15 March 2012

Vaporized: Down South Rap mix 1998-2003

Great mix courtesy of the ever reliable Vaporized. I'm not too up on alot of this stuff as it was pretty hard to come by in the UK pre-internet but I usually like what I hear. Definitely recommended...

Slim Thug & Sabwarfare - Peep The Picture
Big Moe ft. Lil' O, Big Hawk - Get Back
Fat Pat ft. Sean Pymp, D-Gotti, Noke D - Head & Shouldaz
Woss Ness - U Can't Ride And Blo My Weed +
Shunny P ft. Bendu - Turnin Corners
Lil' Keke ft. Big Pokey - Dusk 2 Dawn
Dat Boy Grace ft. Wood, Solo D - Time II Shine
Al-D ft. Trae, Shorty Mac - Life & Times
PSK 13 ft. Lil' Flex - Let These Boys Know
ESG ft. Slim Thug, Deshawn Hill - Grippin Grain
Big Pokey ft. Lil' O - That's All We Had
Yungstar ft. Ko, Bam, Lil' Flex, Kool-Aid - Diamonds & Gold
Big Hawk ft. Will Lean, D-Gotti - Do You Luv It
Big Steve ft. Wreckshop Boys - Year 2000
Dat Boy Grace ft. Z-Ro, Wood, Lil' Flex - All About Da Green
Fat Pat ft. D-Gotti, Tyte Eyez - Do What You Wanna Do
ESG ft. Slim Thug, Z-Ro - We Ain't Trippin No Mo
Mista Madd ft. GT, Steve Nice, "D" - Down 4 Whatever
Three 6 Mafia - Ghetto Chick
Mob Figgaz - Young Niggaz
C-Note ft. Lil' Flip - On The South Side

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