Sunday 25 March 2012

2 hour 90s Hip Hop special on Kane FM tonight

One of the reasons posts on here have slowed down a bit in the last few months is that I've been spending alot of time sorting out music for my sets on Kane FM.

Tonight on The Infinite Hip Hop Show I'll be playing 2 hours of 90s Hip Hop, with a mix of classics and a few forgotten gems (in the non-internet sense, as nothing is obscure or forgotten in blogland). I'll be kicking things off at 9pm (UK time) on 103.7FM in Guildford and surrounding areas, or online here.


  1. Early 90's is my bag so I'll be checking in tonight.


    Repo - Ageing B-Boys Unite! Crew

  2. Easy,
    Is this avaliable to download or listen again?
    Only caught half of it, but early 90's also my bag so sounded good..!