Saturday, 8 May 2010

Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Hot 97 freestyle (1994)

Was lucky enough to grab a handful of tapes off DJ MK the other day. Haven't had time to run through them all yet but thought I'd post this up as a taste of whats to come. Pete Rock and CL Smooth on Funkmaster Flex's 'Street Jams' show on Hot 97. This is from around the time that 'The Main Ingredient' was released.


Check back soon for some DJ Riz, Stretch Armstrong, Westwood and Funk Flex sets!


  1. Much props for this. I hope it's the one freestyle I've been looking for. One of the first that got me into hip hop all that time back.

  2. Dope, thanks a lot Step and where did you find that classic pic? love it man.

  3. think it was just a google image search. they're performing in London on Dec 12th so Im definitely lookin forward to that!