Sunday 16 May 2010

DJ Riz & DJ Eclipse - Half Time Vol 1 mixtape (1999)

Riz & Eclipse come with a load of late 90s underground flavour on this tape, aswell throwing in a few freestyles and cuts-n-juggles for good measure.

Thanks to DJ MK for the original tape. I should've posted more recently but Mediafire won't let me upload anything for some reason. Anyone who knows why this might be get in touch! I'm going with Megaupload in the meantime.


  1. oooooooo shiiiiiittt i snapped this tape long time ago and like the stoner i am never got round to fixin it... big up MK enterprizes n massive shout to you sir every time your blog is the best ive found period ! thanks peace domski!/domskiwdc?ref=profile

  2. word good looks on this one. Funny, Tame starts beefing with the arsonists during the freestyle session. Pretty sure this is March 1999. I have some Halftime joints on my page too.

  3. Thanks Step One! Looks great.
    My only advise is to drop mediafire and stick with megaupload. I rarely have half as many problems with them as I do with mediafire. Matter fact, I'm about to cancel my membership, just gonna take a while with all the links I'd have to replace at TROY.
    Thanks again!

  4. i havent had any trouble mediafire until recently. it seems the easiest one to download from as theres no pop ups/countdowns etc and I think the links stay up longer than on most sites.
    i'll see how it goes.

  5. tracklist provided by aleph over at the TROY forum:
    Dynasty- Outlaw
    Rahzel- All I Know
    Krumb Snatcha- To All The Killas
    Cactus Jack f/Edo G- Act Like What U Say
    Bamboo- From The Get Up
    Cloudkickers f/Cage- And So Kiddies
    Xzibit & Sadat X- Handle Your Time
    Mobb Deep- Allustrious
    Tommy Tee, etc.- Takin Ova (US vers.)
    Arsonists- Pyromaniax (og mix)
    U.G., Ny-Gel Mak & E from AK- Action For Real (thx to Digital Stimulation)
    Edo G- Don’t Talk About It
    Tame One, Non-Phixion, Arsonists free
    X-Ecutioners on the turntables
    High & Mighty- Mighty Mi For Your Stereo System
    Natural Elements- Livin It Up
    QNC f/Rock- Come Correct
    The Roots- You Got Me rmx
    Bumpy Knuckles- Devious Minds