Tuesday 23 June 2009

Harry Love on One FM (1998)

This is Harry Love live on Westwood back in June 1998 when he was rolling with the Scratch Perverts and going under the name DJ Elmo. Its a nice mix of the indie gems and underground bangers of the time. If you've heard him DJ before then you're probably downloading this already.


If you want more you can see him do his thing alongside DJ MK and Pat Sharp live from The Funhouse on Ustream.
They broadcast Monday-Thursday, 10pm-1am (UK time).


  1. On the D/L as I type. As you rightly say, a no questions download for anyone who has heard him before.... good work fella!

  2. Thanks for this Stepone, I saw the links on UKHH.com and me and my mate have had a lot of fun listening so far.
    I'm 21, so for me it's the goodness I missed out on at the time (Hey, I was only 10!)
    And for my mate who's 27, he's loving re-living the show's he used to back in the day.
    Keep 'em coming!
    Peace from the Steel City, Sheffield.

  3. no probs mate, glad you're enjoying!

    got some more good stuff coming so keep checking back