Saturday 12 January 2019

Blogspot like we bringin' 2008 back

You a slave to a draft in my Macbook. Just realised I haven't posted this year so far and I'm already into what will probably be the last couple of months of this site - I'm trying to wrap it up at 1000 posts and/or the ten (ten!) year anniversary -  so here's a random bunch of 90s tracks that I've discovered or rediscovered over the last however long, plus a few long time faves that I feel should get more shine. It's like an extended Don't Sleep but somewhat restricted by what's on YouTube. Having realised how much stuff isn't on there I might make that my next project.


  1. Well played @ the post title 👏👍

    Boo hiss @ the imminent retirement 💀 👎

    1. Post was more than slightly inspired by your own as you can probably tell.
      Baby on the way in the next few weeks and not coming across as much #content as I used to. Think the 90s Throwback well as finally run dry and new rap really isn't doing it for me these days. I'll still drop tape rips on mixcloud/Phila/twitter.

    2. First Robbie Unkut now Jack The Snipper.

      Non-Yank Rap bloggers are goin' the way of the Great Barrier Reef.

    3. noticed Robbie has been quiet but wasnt sure if he had stopped for good

  2. Please do zippyshare this and make a 00's mix theres a bunch of jams on here I never heard before.