Monday 17 September 2018

Funkmaster Flex & Biz Markie live in NYC (1994)

I'm back. New tape deck, more tapes, less time than ever. This one is off a TDK simply labelled 'Funkmaster Flex Birthday' but I have a feeling it's this under another name (which was posted online years ago - can anyone confirm it's the same tape?)

Flex and Biz Markie get busy with a full on party set - old school, new school, reggae, funk, soul and some slow jams (ugh) at the end.

Thanks to Diablo and MK (it's his writing on the tape) for this one.


  1. Welcome back!

    Don't have the time right now to check the whole thing, but I think this is different.

    Live At The Tavern... a-side starts with Luke - I Wanna Rock and b-side with Freddie Jackson - Rock Me Tonight.

  2. yeah that must be it. I Wanna Rock is at the start of side b on this (I assumed that was the second part as it ends with the slow jams)