Saturday 4 August 2018

Capital Rap Show 04.03.94

aka The One Where Tim Gets A Promo Of Illmatic...

Nas - The Genesis
Nas - NY State Of Mind
Main Source - Diary Of A Hitman
Now Born Click - Now Born Soldiers
Das EFX - Baknaffek (remix)
Gang Starr - Words From The Nutcracker
unknown - party break
Nas ft AZ - Life's A Bitch
Nas - One Love
Main Source - Only The Real Survive
Now Born Click - Mad Sick
Scientists Of Sound - Bad Boy Swing
Cash Crew - Bring It On
Kaliphz - Tru Skool M Bassadaz
Kaliphz - Vibe Da Joint
Nas - Memory Lane
Nas - The World Is Yours
Wu Tang Clan - CREAM
Vice Grip, Building Block, Herbal E, Starchild, Cella Dwellas & Lord Digga - Cypha Session part II
unknown - unknown
Militant Mix part 2

pretty sure this is also the show where I heard a great blend of Method Man over Tha Shiznit but it's been cut out, which is gutting, but that bit of scratching at 19:34 with the "give it to em" sample, which suddenly cuts to Tim mentioning Kid Capri and a "turntable remix" of Method Man at least solves the riddle of who was behind it after all this time. I lost the tape with it on a long time ago but did get hold of that instrumental a few months back so maybe I'll recreate it at some point.

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