Saturday, 14 July 2018

Mr Magic & Marley Marl on WBLS (1986)

Big fun in the big town with Super Rockin Mr Magic and Marley Marl playing Eric B & Rakim, Run DMC, Fat Boys, LL and UTFO amongst others. This is a recording that was re-broadcast on Dave Pearce's show on Radio London, so in that respect it's a something of a precursor to the Rap Exchange that Westwood would host with Marley and then Flex years later.

Dave mentions having details of tickets for UK Fresh which was 19th July '86 so I guess this must be from a month or 2 before that.

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  1. This one's from June 6, 1986, as it references a New Edition show that was on June 8 (and resulted in a "rampage" afterwards where thirteen people were arrested).