Sunday 17 June 2018

Mr Magic & Marley Marl - Rap Attack on WBLS (1986)

This tape may well have the world premiere of MC Shan's Jane Stop This Crazy Thing, aswell as Cutmaster DC's Brooklyn's In The House but the highlight is Mr Magic going full Partridge at 30:50 after running Oran Juice Jones 'The Rain' back to back with Tommy Boy's answer version 'Thunder And Lightning' by Miss Thang...

"...went by the Kurtis Blow party at the Quarter last night and saw Juice and he only had one thing to say about this young lady. He don't know who she is and don't know what she want. Juice was stylin a brand new suit from AJ Lester from the $600 rack so I don't know what her problem is but obviously she better not mess with The Juice..."

and that's why tapes of NYC radio in the 80s are more entertaining than 2018 Nas albums.

NB: Tape once again courtesy of DJ Diablo (as will most pf what I post over the next few months) the last part of the tape actually switches to Red Alert on Kiss FM but as he drops Ego Trippin I thought I'd leave it in.

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