Sunday, 22 April 2012

Tim Westwood - Capital Rap Show (1993)

Been a while since I posted a Westwood show. This tape (courtesy of Diseone) isnt dated but I'm guessing its around June/July 1993. It sounds like Tim's just been sent promo copies of Cypress Hill's 'Black Sunday' and Akinyele and Fat Joe's debut LPs as they feature heavily alongside tracks from Poor Righteous Teachers, Big Mike, The Dogg Pound and Mista Grimm (the latter two both being off the Poetic Justice OST).


There's also the weekly Source Report which mentions that some white supremacists have been caught plotting attacks on Eazy E, Louis Farrakhan and Rodney King. Good to know that 20 years on, America is a much more racially tolerant society....


  1. This is Friday 16th July 1993 - in fact the same date as the Pharcyde freestyle you uploaded recently.

  2. Does anyone have any tapes from 97-99. Its great to hear all the old shows from 93 and early Radio 1 Rap show days but I really started listening to Westwood in early 97 would be great to hear some tapes from around that era. Good work with the blog!

  3. I think I've got a few Westwood tapes from 97-98 waiting to be ripped. Its just a a case of finding the time to do it!

  4. There used to be a load of 97 Westwood (and the years before and after) on the StaticHiss blog, but the Multiupload takedown deleted it all before I discovered it :(