Saturday 13 January 2018

DJ Filthy Rich - 90's Reggae-Hip Hop Vol.2 (2018)

Filthy Rich is back with Volume 2 of his Reggae Hip Hop mixtape...

"For those of you who aren't familiar with the 1st volume, I had an idea to create a series of mixes containing 90’s dancehall reggae artists over 90’s hip hop beats. Everything from popular hits to obscure white label-only remixes, including my own custom blends of 90’s reggae acapellas over hiphop instrumentals from that time period. What began as a casual one-off “best of” type mix, evolved into a multi-volume obsession. I even learned to produce my own party breaks just for this project.
The first 40 mins of this mix starts with an uptempo, early 90's boom-bap feel.  The next 50 mins segues into mid-tempo, mid-90's vibes. I've decided to keep the track list under wraps for now. Reason being, I always found it more fun to not know what's next. There was a certain thrill when I heard a dope track, but couldn't identify it.  In this age of digital playlists where everything is meticulously labeled, I felt I'd try to bring back some of the mystique of the mixTAPE era.  Some of my favourite mixtapes that I bought back in the 90's had no track list at all...I had to figure it out for myself.  I appreciate those tapes that much more because of it.  
For those of you who absolutely MUST have a track list, I'll eventually type one up and put it out.....but I'll let this mix marinate with you for a bit. 

Feel free to contact me with your feedback....I'd love to know what people think, and I'm open to suggestions for the next volume. I gotta large up my old friend Masia One for blessin' me with the cover art.The old 90's Reggae party poster style fits the vibe of this mix perfectly"

You can find Volume 1 here and make sure you c
heck his Audiomack page for some dope blends

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