Saturday 20 January 2018

DJ 279 on Choice FM with Black Moon (1994)

279's Friday Nite Flavas on Choice FM from October 1994, with Black Moon and the Bootcamp Click in the studio for an interview followed by a freestyle. There's also a couple of tracks off Rampage's shelved debut album as well as stuff by Method Man, OC, Keith Murray, Bas Blasta and Lords Of The Underground ('Tic Toc' is really quite rubbish although the acapella did end up being sampled on 3 or 4 decent jungle tunes so it wasn't a complete waste of vinyl). I've left a few adverts in and cut out the ones for local businesses and warnings of the dangers of ecstasy and, erm, measles. After some deliberation I left in the 2 tracks by winners of a spoken word/poetry/rap competition. The first one at 1:13:00 is hilariously bad so it seemed a shame for it to be consigned to the recycle bin. There is a danger it might get stuck in your head though. The second track is 100 times better by default but god knows what the rest of the entries were like.

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