Tuesday, 10 October 2017

DJ Step One - So 90s Volume 4

I put together this selection for the car and thought I'd share it on here. There's album cuts and indie joints and maybe one or two things you'd slept on or never heard before. Didn't go nuts with the mixing but it flows reasonably well. Enjoy.

Outkast - Claimin True
Redman - Bobyahead2dis
Artifacts - Wrong Side Of The Tracks
Jamal - Keep It Real
Rakim - Remember That
Company Flow - Juvenile Techniques
Down N Dirty Tribe - Inna Cipher
SOP - Styles
Kool G Rap & Nas - Fast Life (Buckwild remix)
London Posse - Roughnecks
Poor Righteous Teachers - Word Iz Life
E 40 - Da Bumble
Junior MAFIA ft Notorious BIG - Oh My Lord
Luniz ft Dru Down - Put The Lead On Ya
McGruff ft The LOX & Mase - Reppin Uptown

This started off life as me wanting to do something with the Redman and Luniz cuts. The Junior MAFIA track is a recent discovery as I'd never heard the album, but it turns out there's a few nice bits on there. The SOP joint features a pre-Missin Linx Problemz and Black Attack on a lovely understated beat with no hook and earlier this year it became the most expensive record in my collection (I'm not one for splashing out on vinyl usually) after I upgraded from the bootleg compilation I had it on, and treated myself to an original. The Rakim track was a favourite that did the rounds on the bootlegs of his '95 recordings that never found their way on to a proper album. I'm not a huge Co Flow fan and only really found out about Juvenile Techniques when I was listening to some old Stretch & Bobbito shows last year and was feeling the beat. The PRT track is another recent discovery when I took a chance on the 12" when I saw it cheap. The London Posse tune makes use of the always dope Blackbyrds sample and is one of the unreleased tracks that finally saw the light of day back in 2013


  1. Wasn't Remeber That on his first solo album The 18th Letter and also nice choice with putting the Original version of Reppin Uptown with Mase's verse.

  2. so it was. I'd pretty much forgotten about that album save for the singles. He should've thrown NY To Cali on there too in that case.

  3. First appearance of Dru Down on OBFZsL?

    Good find on this SOP shit.

  4. Yeah I think so. My visions of coming back from my trip to San Francisco with a good chunk of his back catalogue were shattered (found nothing).
    the SOP has been a favourite since i heard it back on MK's volume 9 tape in 95. The original never comes up cheap and i think it's only one 1 bootleg