Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Radio 1 Rap Show 02.06.00
with Prime Cuts & The Creators

You know the drill for early 00s Westwood by now: Tunnel Bangers in the first half, Cipha Sounds and Jon Shecter on the phone, and then Prime Cuts in the mix with the underground/indie joints in part 2, this time with guests The Creators...

I also recently posted up this show from March 2000 with The Outsidaz in the studio...


  1. paul-This is Paul from the mixtapeunites thanks for the uploads thanks for this -i managed to get 11 recordings of prime cuts of the westwood show from this guy in austraila

  2. cool, I've got a load more tapes from 99/00 with his nmae on. Just a matter of having time to rip them all.