Wednesday 13 September 2017

Radio 1 Rap Show 21.05.99 with Cormega, OGC, Screwball, Deadly Venoms and DJ S&S

Having missed most of them when they aired, I'm really enjoying these New York Live shows with Westwood and Marley Marl. The guests and tunes tend to be a bit more varied than what you'd hear Flex playing on the Hot 97 Rap Exchanges. Lots going on in this one with Starang of OGC and Cormega guesting in part one, and then Deadly Venoms (an all female group that included N Tyce and who were briefly affiliated with the Wu), Screwball and DJ S&S appear in part two. All of them get together for a freestyle sesh at the beginning of part two...


  1. Don't remeber this one either. Good find.

  2. Never heard the album Naughty By Nature dropped in '99 but enjoying On The Run after hearing it on this show