Saturday 2 September 2017

DJ Malcolm X on Hott FM, Barbados (1999)

This is something a friend of mine bought back from a holiday in Barbados and it's always a good one to throw on when the sun's out. Just under an hour of the island's Hott FM with DJ Malcolm X mixing up some dancehall and hip hop on a Friday afternoon, Highlights include the very cheesy station jingle at the start, regular ads for the upcoming Def Jam Back To School party, underpinned by Crooklyn Clan's 'Oh Noooo' which reworks Ruff Ryders Anthem into the melody of Superthug (genius stuff), a dancehall track using the synths from Prince's 1999 and ragga takes of Hate Me Now and Redman's Da Goodness, plus a blend of Top Billin over Das EFX's Mic Checka.

Not entirely sure about a DJ calling himself Malcolm X but love the fact that there's a Bajan DJ called The Chiuahua Businessman.

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