Sunday, 27 August 2017

Tim Westwood at Notting Hill Carnival (1995)

It's a 3 day weekend here in the UK which means there's a bunch of stuff going on including Notting Hill Carnival. Over the years I've posted up a few bits from Westwood's stage as I'd taped the 95 and 96 sets when they were broadcast on Radio 1. In this 40 minute segment he goes in with a wicked dancehall selection - Bounty Killer, Supercat, Lady Saw, Merciless etc - and then switches into some early 90s Hip Hop. It's nice hearing the whistle posse and horn crew giving it up for songs like Time 4 Sum Aksion and Uptown Anthem, and they're properly loving the ragga stuff too.

Some of the '96 tape is available on the Westwood Archives Mixcloud page


  1. Nice one....was also feeling the dubplates he was throwing on

  2. I’d love to hear a tape of Rampage’s set from the Monday in ’93, when Westwood guested. The best Carnival weekend I ever had. Colville Terrace was fucking roadblocked between Kenny Park and Ledbury; you had KCC on Colville Square back when they were the only set at Carnival playing 100% house, Saxon was up on Powis Square, and bang in the middle was Rampage. Literally every block was jumping the fuck off, and when Westwood drew Throw Ya Gunz and some bright spark took the chorus a bit *too* literally, people were genuinely having too good a time to scatter.