Sunday, 6 August 2017

Don't Sleep #14
Group Home ft Agallah 'Handle Your BI' (2001)

Like Jeru, Group Home's fortunes dwindled once they stopped working with DJ Premier, Fortunately there's numerous bork producers out there that can hook up a decent Primo imitation beat and once you throw Agallah into the mix, plus some dude called Bleedz, you get a solid indie banger that came out as a 12" on Swedish label Street Level. Don't sleep.

Although the popular train of thought - online at least - seems to be that Livin Proof is Premier's best non-Gang Starr album, I personally prefer The Sun Rises In The East as the beats and the raps are both fully on point. Obviously Jeru proceeded to join the Fun Police full time on his second album which took the shine off things a bit but there's still a few favourites on there. I was never that into Ya Playin Yaself but the One Day beat is lovely, and last year I copped the test press for 50p while out digging and sold it for £70 so it holds a special place in my heart.

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