Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Mr Thing on the Radio 1 Rap Show (1998)

I've had this on the hard drive for a while after someone (completely forget who  cheers Mat!) sent it to me a few years back. It was labelled as a Scratch Perverts mix but the intro makes it clear its Mr Thing on the set, although maybe another SP member joins in later. I have a feeling I was told it was recorded off Radio 1 but there's no talking or drops so I couldn't say for certain . Hopefully all will become clear now it's been shared. (Mat's confirmed it's off Westwood)
There's a couple of occasions on this mix where Thing does his 'switch into a track that references/samples the one that's playing' trick. On this occasion it's The Biznizz into Resurrection and Shadowboxing into You Know My Steez. Neither of these trump my personal favourite however, when he was playing KRS 'Outta Here', and when it got to 'Some years went by I signed myself into a group home' he dropped in Livin Proof. Simple but dope.

BONUS!  Nes over at Dirty Waters posted this Best of 1990 set Mr Thing performed on The Funhouse  from a couple of years ago. Check it.


  1. hi mate, it was me that sent it you. I recorded it off Westwood.

  2. Thanks man. I had it down to 1 of 3 people! You got anything else stashed away?